Almost there!


So I have been terrible about keeping up with my blog!  I’m just about ready to go.  I’m just testing the interface from my phone.  Seems it will work fine.

Adding a cute photo of an alpaca to see if it works…

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I’ve been trying to get back into a regular running routine with little success.  Not only is it fun and healthy but it will help with my endurance on the Inca trail.  I have less than 2 months to go before I leave for Perú, so hopefully that will motivate me to get out there and run at least a few times a week.  2 months is enough time to get me back up to at least 10 miles a week, but I’m hoping for closer to 15.  The only way I’m going to be able to do this is if I start waking up early to go running before work.  I’ve had good intentions to start morning running for years but I haven’t been able to do it more than a few days before I stop.

Yesterday, I ran for 25 minutes.  I could have run longer, but I decided a 2 week break was too much for me to just jump back into a 35 – 45 minute average run so I stopped and walked home.  My hips and ankles felt a little creaky the rest of the day but this morning I’m feeling fine.

I’d like to go for another run before it warms up outside, but I think I’ll do some leg strength exercises instead.  My running muscles need some time to recover from yesterday’s creakiness.  I keep reading in Inca Trail blogs that folks are wishing they did more stair training before going on the trek, so the least I can do this morning is emulate stairs with some squats and lunges, right?

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Hello and Intro

I’m going to Peru on September 2 to hike the Inca trail.  Very exciting!!  I’ve been doing a ton of research, and I’ve read a ton of blogs that have been very helpful for me, so hopefully writing one of my own will be helpful for someone else.

I’ll be traveling with my friend Amanda.  We’ve already booked our flights (yay for frequent flier miles!) to Lima, the hotel in Cuzco, and the trek (through Peru Treks).  We’ll be arriving in Cuzco 4 days before beginning the trek.

Things I still need to do:

  • Book the flights between Lima and Cuzco
  • Decide on a hotel in Lima for the long layover.
  • Get in better trek shape – I’ve been seriously bad about this and I have less than 2 months before the trip!  Yikes!
  • Hike at least one fourteener before we go.
  • If possible, fit in a 4 day backpacking trip to see how well I hold up.
  • Learn better Spanish – I’m taking a “Conversational Spanish for Travel” class, but I don’t feel very confident yet.

So, that’s about it for now.  More posts to come!

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