Last day in Cusco before the trek!!!

We decided to take it easy on Tuesday, the day before our trek.  I had started feeling a little sick and a nice day to relax sounded perfect.  I really didn’t want to miss out on the trek.

The first thing we did was attempt to find a yarn store that I read about on Ravelry.  We stopped at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, but the people working there couldn’t help us find the yarn store.  The Center had a small museum and weaving demonstrations so we stayed for about an hour to see everything.  Afterward, we ended up walking to a sketchy looking part of town, and despite our best efforts to find someone that could give us directions we completely struck out.  Nobody seemed to know where this address was.  Rather than waste a whole day looking for yarn, we decided to visit some of the local museums. 

Our first museum stop was Coricancha.  This temple was the Inca “Temple of the Sun” before the Spanish built a church around it.  It is now also known as the Church of Santo Domingo.  Inside of the Spanish exterior, many Inca structures still stand.  Underneath there is also a small museum that shows some of the artifacts found here and elsewhere in the Inca empire.

Coricancha from outside
Inca room inside Coricancha

Next we visited the Museo Inka.  Here there were a lot more artifacts and information about Inca civilization.  I was still feeling quite sick, so I didn’t take in as much as I could have.  On the ground level of this museum was a small gift shop with many of the handmade items from the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.  I wasn’t going to go home without yarn, so I picked up a large ball of undyed hand-spun alpaca yarn.  Now I just need to find a worthy project for all of this yarn!

Unfortunately, this was my most un-memorable day.  I was feeling nauseous the whole day and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed by the time we were done.  Although nauseated, I never actually got sick.  When we got back to the hotel I was feeling worse, so I threw together my backpack and duffel bag for the trek as fast as I could.  I had chills by the time I crawled into bed, and Amanda was kind enough to go to the pharmacy and buy me some Pepto.  I barely slept all night, and Peru Treks was due to pick us up at 5:20am.  I was seriously worried I wouldn’t be well enough to do the trek.

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