Lima to Cusco

(While there, I attempted to blog some notes from my phone, this lasted a whole day.  The original notes are below, with more added after.)



I’m in Cusco!

Things to remember to blog about:

Flight Delays and Getting to the Lima Hotel

So, Amanda’s flight turned out to be over 2 hours late.  I arrived in Lima slightly early, and was through customs by 11:30pm.  When I retrieved my luggage and walked to the main area of the airport I saw the taxi driver holding a sign with my name on it.  Amanda and I had talked previously about what to do if one of our flights were delayed and we agreed that the early person would wait and we would ride together to the hotel.  Unfortunately, my taxi driver did not speak English so he had the hotel call me to talk to me instead.  The Hotel told me that they had heard from Amanda and that since her flight was so late she wanted me to go ahead without her (this turned out to be incorrect, they did not actually talk to Amanda at all), so I followed the Taxi driver to his car.

His car was a beat up 4 door sedan.  I don’t remember what now, but it was rusted, dented, scratched, and looked nothing like a taxi cab (it did have the stickers/markings of a cab, but I’ve never seen one in such rough shape).  He put my suitcase in the trunk and we were on our way.  On the ride, I tried to figure out how to send text messages on my phone, to let Amanda know where I was – I had made sure that my phone could do International roaming but I never did figure out text messaging.  The hotel was a short drive from the airport.  Once I checked in, I used Skype to call and leave Amanda a voice mail, and then waited for her to arrive.  She arrived, via the same taxi, at about 1:30am.  Good thing our next flight wasn’t until 12:30!!

Currency exchange

I assume that I wanted to write a little bit about our fiasco with paying for our trek.  The trek was cash only, in either American Dollars or Peruvian Soles.  We learned that when we have the option to pay with American Dollars then we should.  The exchange rate was 2.78 soles per dollar.  But the bank exchange rate, or the money exchangers at airports were only giving us between 2.33 and 2.50.  That meant that when we paid for part of the Trek in soles, we lost a lot of money.

Alpaca steaks yum (kababs with mango sauce.)
Cuy not so yum (tandoori guinea pig pictured above)

Not sure what else to say about this.  We ate a lot of alpaca while we were there, it was fabulous!

Motorcycle guy

No clue here.  We had quite the motorcycle adventure, but that hadn’t happened yet when I wrote this note..  Hmm..

crazy warm bed sheet

The beds in our hotel in Cusco were equipped with wool blankets and sheets.  They were crazy warm, I would have been comfortable in freezing temperatures.

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